Question - how do i review an asset?

today we got the following question: how do we review an asset, the date seems looked:

this logic applies to risks, assets and policies.

each one of them (risk, assets, policies) is a “parent” and once created its versions are managed by their “reviews”, the childs and NOT by the parent. this is why is locked, eramba expects you to create or edit reviews to change that date (and the version and document type in the ccase of policies).

you can tell by looking at the tabs on the top, each asset will have a counter of review records that is nothing else than a shortcut to the reviews tab (so you know how many reviews each asset has)

so if you click on the number and then on “Show” you are redirected to the reviews for that asset on the review tab:

you need to think of this as a spreadsheet … every row is a version. you can edit rows (the last one in this case because is incmplete), you can delete rows (you will be deleting review records) and you can add rows by:

  • editing a review and saving (you will need to put the next review record while you do this, this will trigger eramba to create a new row for that date)
  • adding a review (which we recommend doing only if you dont have incomplete reviews)

either way when you edit or add you complete the review AND let eramba know when the NEXT review will be … because on that date eramba will automatically create another review record that will be expected to be completed

I hope this helps to clarify things! any question please ask