Question - How do you upgrade the Docker install of Eramba?

I am running Eramba 3.17.0


You have to navigate into settings/updates and if there is an update available, simply click on it.

documentation: Docker Install | Eramba learning portal

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Is this available for Enterprise only? I have the community edition an I get the error: “We are not able to authenticate your enterprise ID (Client ID). Please contact our support team.”


You were doing an update from old community version?

No, 3.17

And as context, the crons are not working in this version and can’t get them to work.

Strange. Please write to our support email and we will do a quick call so I can see what is the problem.

Three problems were found here:

  • after migration from community version 2 you have to reset the app ID to obtain a new one, we added this step into the migration procedure as well
  • missing public address setting - we will also fix this one with release 3.19.0, the public address will be an environmental variable and you will also see error in cron history
  • we also needed to update the docker folder repository, it was not the latest
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