Question - how to link improvements to controls which are "passed"?

We have some controls that are passed, as only minor issues occured. Nevertheless we need to follow up on these sometimes as well. It would be great if we could link an improvement project to such controls as well. But it’s only possible for failed controls.
Another example: We have an annual control for black box pen tests. Usually there are only minor recommendations, but we still want to follow up on those with a low priority.
How do you handle such things? And please don’t answer in the way “if there is improvement, it has to be failed” :slight_smile: we are flexible… :wink:

I thought, we could maybe do it with “issues”, but this doesn’t seem to be the right way.

This is already available on the new template :slight_smile:

anyway, we plan to re-shufle the way we identify “problems” and put all the things that have issues in one place … that is discussed on the forum here: Feature - Findings (ongoing)

ok, thanks.
But is it available in the current version already? I can’t find it.

Nope - the new template includes the improvement options even when audits are not failed…a month or so until we publish it.

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