Question - innodb parameters


Why has innodb Global Database parameters been added as a forced option in version >=3.18.
For example, we are running a selfhosted version of Eramba with a external clustered Database, which is shared by many other applications/services. Changing the Global parameter of innodb would require changes/testing be performed against every other application or service with a DB on the clustered host.
We would also need to evaluate all our backups, restore testing too.

Can this simply not be an optional parameter?

Can this be bypassed? Can we bypass the checks so upgrades can be performed for hotfixes that have turned up in the interim.


We removed this system health check-in 3.18.1. We also removed it from version 3.18.0 so you must do this update before we removed it. You can try to update with debug mode enabled. It should allow you to do the update even if there is NOT OK item on the system health page.