Question: Installing community edition on own server for customers

I understand that Eramba is open source with specific licenses, so I was reading the FAQ section and I read :

Hosting our community software to your customers is perfectly ok so as long, you follow the guideline mentioned above. You can not modify the code or claim is yours (because it isn’t!)

If my understanding is right I can offer to customers the hosting of Eramba on my server or on customer’s premise, as long as I honor the conditions “not modify the code” or not claiming is mine.

i would say is more or less right, there are other conditions on the code, the most important is that if you make modifications you can not share them with anyone.

meehhh…we refrain from that name because eramba license forbids redistribution of the code and modifications of the code.

Thanks @kisero for your prompt reply.

So I can provide Eramba community to customers where everybody knows it is the free edition of Eramba, whether on my server or on-premise, without needing for license or permission.
Right ?