Question - Internal Error - Unique Portal URL


We’re setting up a questionnaire for online assessment. We’re encountering an error when accessing the unique portal URL for an Online Assessment. We’re not sure where the issue is. Appreciate your help on this one.

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Thanks for reporting, it is already a known issue. With the new login, there is an issue and it is not possible to navigate directly to specific OA. Hopefully, it will be fixed with the next release.
You can navigate directly to the OA portal and choose a specific OA from there, as a workaround.

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Hi, Sam.

Unfortunately, we navigated directly to the OA portal and choose the specific OA from there, but the same error pops up. So even if we use either the unique portal URL or navigate to the OA portal, the results are the same. We’re not sure where the issue is, because we can access another questionnaire through the OA portal. It’s just this specific questionnaire (newly-created).

Can you please contact us at and we will schedule a call to review.