Question - is it possible to install Eramba Enterprise from source or on Hyper-V infrastructure

Dear Eramba Gurus,
I am new to Eramba - I installed the Community-Edition, tested it and I am really impressed by it’s features. Now we would like to switch to the Enterprise version using it in the company (energy/utility sector, critcal infrastructure).

I installed the Community-Edition from Source on an virtual Ubuntu Server running on a MS Hyper-V Cluster using the script published by a friendly expert on github.
Our internal IT-service-departement provides VMs running on Hyper-V and managed Windows-Servers (running on Hyper-V), but no Docker and no VMware ESX platform.

Can you recommend an option under the given circumstances ?

  1. Install the Enterprise-Edition from Source - if this is still possible ?
  2. Convert the VMWare VM image to Hyper-V ?
  3. ??

Many thanks for your help and best regards

Not an expert on this sort of thing, but I think your IT folks still have two choices:

  1. Convert the vmware image to hyper V. I’ve tinkered with tools to do this in the past with other images, so I suspect it’s possible.

  2. Deploy the docker version on an IT sanctioned hyperV VM.

Source code install was replaced by the docker install last year and my understanding is that it is no longer available.


I can only confirm what @david.schroth wrote here.
The source code install was replaced by the docker installation.
To me, it looks super complicated trying to convert our VM for hyper v environment since it is only ubuntu with the docker engine installed, nothing more. Just ask your IT team for a clean ubuntu server and you will install it there without a problem I’m sure.

Hello @sam and @david.schroth
thanks for the hints. Will try to install the Community-Edition as a docker image on my (cleaned) Ubuntu VM as an exercise. If that works, it should work for the Enterprise-Version too :crossed_fingers:

Best regards

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I did this some years ago when first setting up eramba and still running in our hyperv environment today. I cant find the exact tool I used at the time, but this looks a bit familiar : Disk2vhd - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn