Question - Is there a way to create a report showing everything a user owns?

the ‘item reports’ that Eramba can generate are a great feature (for example, if a Security Policy is late for its annual review, I can now really easily show colleagues what controls this puts in jeopardy, and the compliance implications for various different standards).

I am wondering if I can do a similar thing with Eramba users? For instance, a use case for this would be as part of our ‘leavers process’ for staff - our HR team can notify me that a person is leaving the company, and I could pull up a report to list all the GRC items that they are mapped to as owner (and so now we need to find a new owner!)

Apologies if there’s an obvious way to do this that I am missing!

the only way is doing filters on the modules you are using , there is no “give me all this user belongs” report on the system at this time

Fair enough!
(This would be a useful feature, I think! :slight_smile: )

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