Question - labels and tags

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I was wondering about the meaning of labels and tags in eramba.

Why are labels only available for assets and policies and tags available for risks, policies and controls?
Tags are shown at the policy portal but using it, it shows not only the policies with this label but all policies containing the word. So I could also search, for example the word ā€œComplianceā€ instead of using the tag at the policy portal.

I donĀ“t see the benefit of labels and tags and how they are supposed to be used. Could you please explain that?

historical reasonsā€¦some of those things you regret when you become older. labels was there because centuries ago it was fashionable (to some extent iso and its red tape pushed) to label assets and documents (confidential, etc).

when we do trainings i always recommend not using tags or labels, i think custom fields work better because you can narrow down a list of options you define and no-one can move outside thoseā€¦unfortunately the policy portal does not use them to ā€œcategoriseā€ things as you mentioned.

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thank you for your explanation. So we wonĀ“t use them either and create custom fields if we need it :slight_smile: