Question - LDAP Connector Account Review

I have tested the new ldap connector for account reviews and wondered if it would be possible to decide how the groups are being named so that for example only the groups name is being displayed instead of the whole distinguished name?
This would make reading a lot easier and the whole account review tidier.

I haven’t gotten to play with it yet, but my idea for this would be to create a separate LDAP connector that put the standard group name into the DN field which should fix up your access review optics.

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yes, i think i would do the same - in this new connectors i would not use DN but CN.

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For testing purposes, how can I define the frequency as ‘Hour’? For normal use, the ‘day’ option is great, but for testing, it would be helpful to have the pull once an hour to validate settings.

Unfortunately, it is not possible right now.
We have an issue for the manual pull.

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Related to this - just so I understand the behavior.

If I create a new account review that is on a 30 day cycle, will I get the first account review the next day and then every 30 days thereafter? Or does it wait 30 days before pushing the first one?

Next, if I change the frequency, suppose from 30 to 15 on day 20, then I should expect the review to pull with the next daily cron?

-yes, you will get the first pull after daily cron runs
-yes, if you change the period 20th day, you will get pull the next daily cron run