Question - LDAP Connector changes are not saved

Using eramba 3.24.0, I cloned an existing LDAP connector, changed a value and hit “save”, but only thing that happens is that the dialog closes and shows a shadowed overlay over the screen; I have to reload the page because nothing is accessible, and also nothing was saved → LDAP Connector changes cannot be saved anymore.


Most often this is a problem with public address settings.
See here: Docker Install | Eramba learning portal

In this case, no - public address test says that it is accessible. Additionally, every other request seems to work.
Can I change this value elsewhere, e.g. in the database?

Maybe you can share the logs to and we can check if there is something.

Hi Sam, I sent the logs directly from the eramba instance, including debug mode.
Did they arrive?

Without your application id I can not locate them. It is best if you send them to support directly or send a screenshot of your about page.

TWIMC: Problem fixed - the firewall blocked some requests, which was not shown in the logs. We found the issue in a support session with the eramba team.
Thanks for the great support!

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