Question - Linking Policies (Wiki style)

I would like to see an easy way to link a policy/procedure to another policy/procedure. Often, policies will reference other policies and this would ease the navigation on the policy portal. To work around this, I’m extracting the direct document link, building a link in another app, and then pasting it into the policy text. This is ok, but it’s difficult to manage if policies get renamed or the host name were to change. It also ends up changing the user experience when they bounce from a “popup” window of a policy to the direct link page.


We have something like that:


perhaps it helps?


Saw the video. It is 90% what I am looking for. I’m not necessarily looking for them to be listed on the bottom only. I’m referring to it being within the document like a wiki.

One possible solution: is there a way to copy/paste the same style link that you have on the bottom into a policy? (Hopefully I can explain this…) There’s more to it than just a URL link since it changes the content within the “popup” screen on the page. There’s some javascript getting kicked off there to retrieve and change the current document. If there was an html node I could use to trigger that same effect, I could just copy/paste it into the editor.

<a onClick=“javascript:changeCurrentDocument(5);”>Link To Doc</a>

If you could tell me how to do that with a link, I could embed it myself in the documents to achieve the same effect.

Last point: I agree the inverted effect on “Related Documents” should probably exist, but it’s outside the scope of this request.