Question - max length of Compliance Package > Item Name field

I noticed today that in one of my Compliance Packages (SOC2, as it happens), some of text in the ‘Item Name’ fields was truncated.

On investigation I discovered the max length of this field seems to be 256 characters.

Now it could be this has always been the case, and I only noticed the truncation today (I set up my SOC2 control package by CSV import under Eramba 2.x, and am now on Eramba 3.2.0)

Although I did not notice it before, so am wondering if it has changed in Eramba 3.x?

My point is: I don’t recall seeing any errors or warnings when I did my original CSV import into Eramba.
If it was going to truncate some fields, I feel it would be useful if it had warned me of that! :slight_smile:
(However, again - maybe it did, and I did not pay attention at the time!)

In any case: I feel 256 chars is too short for the Item Name field.
The reason being that, because of the way many standards have multiple levels of nesting of clauses, but Eramba basically just has two levels of nesting, you usually need to make creative choices about how you will map a compliance standard source material into those two nesting levels.
And that might mean you need to have a longer text string in the Eramba ‘Item Name’ field than just 256 chars.

Hello David,

Yes it was changed in v3, but we already have an issue for that.
Thanks for reporting.

Int. ref.:

Included in e3.10.0