Question - Migration of data between production and stage enviroments

Many times we want to test things in the Stage environment so that we do not Bad things in the production. However Eramba does not have an easy way to export the database from production to stage without bring all the “system” configurations that will impact both versions, such as: app id, cron keys and enterprise license.

My request is that on the “Backup and Restore” functionality we have the options choose backup “only data” and recover “only data”. Working as follow:

  1. Backup only data - saves on a sql zipped all the data from eramba, excluding all the sources that makes that instalment unique (cron key, enterprise license, app id, et cetera)

  2. Recovery only data - 1. confirm the destination instalment is in the same app and db version as the source instalment (if not abort), 2. recover the data

This way we can safely migrate data from production to stage for testing and quality purposes without prejudice of mixing up both instalments.


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in our view that is something a sysadmin should prepare, it takes three sql commands to create a qa environment assuming both are running the same app version:

1/ copy prod to qa database
2/ update the app id to your qa app id: update table settings set value = “qa app id” where variable = “CLIENT_ID”
3/ update your enterprise key: update settings set value = “enterprise key” where variable = “CLIENT_KEY”

you could cron that and have your staging updated every minute…just make sure you keep both systems running the same version otherwise copying the db will mess things up !

i hope that helps

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I would like to see this feature as well, I think you would sill need at least the users, groups, and ACLS to reproduce certain behaviours.

Short term, the proposed workaround is functional but could be made easier just by adding and additional field in the Enterprise Users menu and adding the possibility to edit the Appid…


Still I’d prefer the selective backup and restore as proposed.

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