Question - Missing Step-by-Step wizard to start

Hello eramba-team,
the installation, configuration, connection to the AD, email configuration etc. was very simple and could be done without any problems. Unfortunately, this is not very easy to use.

eramba GRC really seems to be very powerful, but it has a very steep entry barrier. I mention this in the context of documentation, but I lack a guide on how to proceed. I have e.g. mapped our organization under Business Units but I lack the whole system what I should do step by step. I think there should be a wizard that will step by step familiarize a person or organization with the subject matter and will follow a checklist procedure to accompany all steps depending on the degree of fulfillment.

Suppose I have set up the system. The wizard now tells me the following.

  1. System Settings
    1.1 Access management *done
    1.2 Email configuration *done

  2. Organization
    2.1 Business Units.
    2.1.1 Create Business Units *
    2.1.1* Explenation how to create * Wizard demo with explanation, what is an owner, what are liabilities with expamples.

There should be a step by step wizard guide otherwise its really hard to begin. I do not have time to watch hours and hours of videos or take part on presentations because we’re a small company with a lot of share work.

As already mentioned, there is no logical structure how to proceed or a general introduction into the matter in which e.g. a demo concept is created on the basis of a fictitious company and this is played through. Neither the demo access on the test server nor the documentation makes me smart, because they are kept very general and there is no explanation who should do what where where when when why etc.

The documentation is pretty clear that the user needs to go trough every section from top to bottom and not miss a step, there are videos and written doc. With nearly 10 years running this project and thousands of users we are pretty convinced that for most people it works.

Honestly, without going trough them is unlikely you (or anyone else) will get any value of the tool.

Btw - there are online trainings next week (2 hours per day) and you can also opt for paid onsite trainings.

Online training next week? I did not see or found any announcement or dates/times here or in the website. Can you share info? Thank you.


the invite was sent to another person in your company - send an email to and we can share with your the recordings. anyway remember the online trainings follow the curricula on our website (with advantage you can many any question and we’ll try to help)

To my opinion, the idea of a “get startet” wizzard looks pretty attractive. I partially disagree with the argument that, without reading through the documentation. one wouldn’t be capable of leveraging the system’s strenghts. Both don’t preclude each other: A wizzard to line up the steps, and thorough documentation to explain the gory details. So to speak: use the wizzard to make people curious for the documentation. The learning curve in the GRC topic definitvly needs some flattening. A wizzard might be of great help here.