Question - multiple LDAP servers

We user enterprise 3.21.1,
We have 2 AD domain: d1 and d2
How we can connect to both 2 domain, in LDAP connector “in use” is Yes for both d1 and d2?


It is not possible to use two AD connectors.
In-use status is not correct, we already have an issue for it.

int. ref.:

hi and thanks for your reply!
I was just following instructions and adding AD & Groups is they way instructed here Access Management | Eramba learning portal
Also the link on your email is taking me to a Page Not Found web. what would be the correct link?



Not sure if I understand correctly. You need two connectors Auth and Group but they are both the same domain only filtering is different. If you are trying to connect two AD domains (two active directories in my understanding) this is not possible.

We also have similar requirement where we have multiple domains in same forest. However due to this restrictions we are not able to create users form another domain. Would appreciate if Eramba can be configured to use multiple LDAP connectors at same time.

hi!, there is only one domain!
I’m just following the instructions on your tutorial video. @ time stamp 0.12 - 0.19 secs the instructor says “YOU ALWAYS NEED TWO TYPE OF CONNECTORS, WE CALL THE AUTHENTICATOR CONNECTOR AND THE GROUP CONNECTOR. THIS WILL BE EMPTY ON YOUR RAM, YOU HAVE TO CREATE THESE TWO CONNECTORS”
and again the URL you sent before is broken, gives a 404 error.

Sure, so the only problem is that the group connector is showing the wrong dynamic status right? Group connector should have In Use - Yes. Correct? As I wrote in a previous comment we already have an issue for that in our roadmap. The link shared is only for our reference.

As of now, we are not planning such a change.

that is correct, it shows the wrong status it doesnt show active at all.
Could you share this link again, cause it only takes me to a broken 404 page please?

Our repository is not yet public, it is only an internal reference.