Question: New User Unable to See Filters


We recently added a user and are showing them the Assets Management - Assets module. We noticed that their ‘All Items’ was different than the standard saved. When troubleshooting, we see that they are missing the custom field access. We have several custom fields which should be visible here.

Can you please assist us with this issue?


For the new user, the default “All items” filter is loaded.
I think the user just needs to enable these custom fields and save the filter.

Please confirm how we accomplish this. Original documentation shows that to enable, click on Customization and select the radial. That does not appear to be an option now. Clicking Customization takes us to the Customization Form.

Sorry, I’m not sure that I understand correctly.
Enabling/Disabling custom field is done on customization form here:

Enabling/Disabling column on filter is done in manage filter/customfields

Thank you for the clarification. We were trying to enable on a different screen. Again, thank you for your assistance.

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