Question - NIST CSF 2.0

Does anyone have a spreadsheet formatted CSF 2.0 to share here?

Just finished making it - I still have the new user ‘can’t upload’ status, but I do have it readily available if you want it.

i really tried to get rid of this but i just can not find the setting in this forum, try responding to this post again, perhaps because is your second post it will let you upload it.

No unfortunately I cannot, I am going to email you it, and you can respond with it! :slight_smile:

Should be in your inbox now.

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heads up - Eramba did not care for the apostrophes in the file, and it caused the chapter descriptions to be off. I will adjust it and send a new file in.

Would someone else be able to upload and share it?

You can find it in our compliance database: Compliance Management | Eramba learning portal
@pdamon can you please send an updated version to so I update the package? Thanks!