Question - notifications and email send times

Is there a configuration setting for when notification emails are sent? Currently receiving emails at 2am local time. It’d be nice to have them send at end of day.

short answer is no - when eramba needs to send an email (with the exception of password reset email … perhaps some other) emails go to a queue (system / settings/ email queue) and that queue gets flushed every hour (by the hourly cron).

your warning notification emails (send an email 10 days before a policy review, etc) and filter notifications (send me an email every week with the list of policies we use in ISO 27001 and have expired reviews, etc) and comments and attachments daily digest (send me an email with all the comments and attachments created in the last day) are calculated exactly at midnight by the daily cron. when the daily cron finishes its job (some 10 minutes after midnight) it will put all emails to the queue. these emails will then get flushed at 1am and 2am (the flush quantity is set by you, by default is 15 emails per hour).

so basically daily cron triggered emails will always be sent around 1/2am. all other emails (with the exception i mentioned above) will be sent at latest one hour from the moment they triggered. for example if you configure an email to be sent out when when an online assessment is “started” , the email will be sent to the queue just after you click “start” but until the next hourly cron wont be sent

I hope this clarifies how emails move around, etc. Next year we’ll move all crons to a single cron which will run every minute and so waiting times will be greatly reduced.

Thankyou for clarifying. :+1: