Question - Online Assessments CSV Download

Eramba Version e3.7.1

When downloading the questionnaire to Excel (CSV), the formatting has changed to an unusable form from previous versions. The questions repeat equal to the number of questions in the form (Ex. If the questionnaire is 50 questions, then each question repeats 50 times in the file). Also, the questions present horizontal instead of vertical, which misalign the questions to the column titles.

Is this a known error or a change to the current feature?

What you mean by Risk Quesrionnaire Downloads ? can you describe step by step what are you doing in what module so we can try reproducing the issue you have?

I have created an Online Risk Assessment. I have enabled the option to download questions.

When in the Risk Assessment, I can download the questions by clicking the export CSV in the upper right corner

The download appears similar to this. Instead of following the column header, each question repeats and the document is almost unusable in this form. Previously, the questions listed more clearly.

Oh - this module is called “Online Assessments” , there is no “Risk” involved this is why you confused us in the beginning. Your screenshots helped !

Send please to that CSV you got when you clicked “Download CSV” and a link to this post so we can follow up in private as we can see too much data already.


Confirmed. It is a bug.

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