Question - Online Assessments: Is there a way to change the start date?

I had an Online Assessment that had a start date that needed to be changed, but was unable to. Is there a reason the start date cannot be changed once one is selected?

im not sure why we did that to be honest, but is pretty recent.

These two fields should be editable and if a date previous than today is selected on any of them a warning javacript red text below hte helper text should pop:

“Note: by default eramba starts and stops this OA automatically, if you select dates in the past you will have to manually stop/start this OA.”

This needs also to be corrected on the CSV import where dates in the past are allowed.

Int ref:

we will try to do it for next release.

Thanks for the prompt response! Until the next release, I’ll instruct my team to manually start/stop the OA in situations where the incorrect start date is selected.