Question - Organisation > Third Parties - what can I do with it?

I have been looking into making use of the Organisations > Third Parties module,
I was thinking of populating it with entries for all the third party suppliers we use.

But, in the Compliance Analysis module and the Internal Controls module, I don’t see anywhere to link to a Third Party?
Reading the documentation ( Risk Management - Google Docs ) it seems this Third Parties module is just used with the ‘Risk Management’ one?

We have quite a few instances where the way we comply with a particular clause in a standard involves use of a third party supplier, so it seemed logical to me to be able to link to them in the Compliance Analysis module (the same way I can link Security Policies and Internal Controls in the ‘mitigation’ tab there).
Likewise, some of our controls involve third party suppliers, and it would be good to map this usage in Eramba.

Is there a way to do this?

every module has a help button that will show the relationships

TP are used:

  • online assessments
  • third party risk management
  • document support contracts
  • associate them with incidents
  • associate them with flows

among other things (see above)

that link does not exist, it does exist on data flows

not a relation for now

… perhaps those relationships will become possible later when custom fields allow other sections, that will most likely come towards the end of the year


Oh! I had never clicked on that Help button before :grin:

Yes it would definitely be useful for us to be able to link our Third Party Suppliers with particular controls and compliance items. I will look forward to this enhancement :slight_smile:

yep - i just now checked and it is on the backlog (Feature - Custom Field types to link to other records) … i would say sooner or later it will be done, probably this year but we will see … a big rebump on custom fields will be released this week.

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