Feature - Custom Field types to link to other records

I think it would be extremely helpful and introduce a lot of flexibility if we were able to create custom fields that allowed us to select from a list of specific record types to link them together.

For example, there’s a post I just commented on in Asset Management about being able to link Processes to Assets. Similarly, we would find it very useful to be able to link Third Parties to Assets.

I imagine it working like this. You create a custom field like normal, then in the ‘Type’ selector there would be ‘Existing Record’ and ‘Existing Record - Multiple Select’.

To choose which record you want, there can be a simple tree-type menu that shows primary record type (Asset, Third Party, Process, Policy, Risk, etc). By default the Name field of the other record would be displayed, just like when linking existing records that are built-in.

For further flexibility, once a primary record type has been linked, there would be an option for additional Custom Field types in the ‘Type’ selector: ‘Linked Record Field’. If you chose that Type, a menu of existing fields inside the primary record would be displayed (Name, Owner, Description, various Custom Fields, etc)

hello !

u mean being able to define custom fields that link to other sections? so if you want to link assets to process (which does not exist) , you go to assets and add a custom fields that “lists” processes?

if that is, the issue is on the roadmap since Aug 2019 (int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2305)

its on the long roadmap, at some will happen but it will take a long time

if you mean something different you will need to explain it again : )


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Yes, I believe that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Thanks!

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