Question - PHP 8.2.9 Update? (Vulnerability in 8.2.8)


Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. Our vulnerability scanner keeps tripping on the PHP version packaged in the eramba docker container (8.2.8). Is there a plan to upgrade past that version?

There’s a compatibility issue with higher versions and the language translation module. My understanding is the incompatibility issue will be fixed with 3.24 (next release), and I suppose that will be upgrade time…

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Not sure which version are you running, but the latest image is with PHP version 8.2.11.
There will be an update again with release 3.24.0 which will be running the latest 8.2 version.
To update the PHP version you have to do what we call the image switch procedure because it is not possible to update the docker layer of the application with a simple browser update. See our documentation here: Docker Install | Eramba learning portal

What are we supposed to do if our automated patch management systems have already updated us past 8.2.11?

I’m currently running 3.23.2, and I can’t upgrade to 3.24.0 because my php is too new (8.2.18). The version installed came by following the instructions that you were once provided, ie to use the ppa at Index of /ondrej/php/ubuntu

Go into settings, enable debug mode, then do the update, disable debug mode, declare victory.

Perfect, thanks.