Question - Policy Content Editor Markdown


Is there anyway to stop the policy editor (Summernote) from removing/stripping certain html tags?

Considerable time was spent converting/standardising policy documents in HTML (basic table to maintain indenting) only to have eramba or the editor remove enough tags to completely destroy the formatting.

This only happens when the document is saved as the formatting is maintained during editing/review



can you provide an example we can test on

We never heard back on this, but today someone else asked the same question (i think) - can anyone explain step by step how to reproduce this issue please?

this is the allowed tags:

Purifier::config('Editor', array(
	'HTML.AllowedElements' => 'a, em, blockquote, p, strong, b, i, u, pre, code, span,ul,ol,li,img,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,br,table,tbody,thead,tr,th,td, div,sub,sup',
	'HTML.AllowedAttributes' => 'a.href, a.title, img.src, img.alt,,, table.class,,',
	'HTML.TidyLevel' => 'heavy',
	'Cache.SerializerPath' => APP . 'tmp' . DS . 'cache' . DS . 'purifier'


I have tried manipulating the HTML.AllowedElements numerous without success. I am not an html nor coding guru so i am wondering if you could possibly provide a config that just allows everything?



what you want to achieve ? give us an example please (in html that works on browser) so we can understand in detail