Question - Policy Review Notifications (dynamic status)

We created a dynamic status with the following conditions:

After that we created a warning notification for the custom role “reviewer (security policy reviews)” and we enabled the option for Feedback. Also a reminder is activated:

So I got an email and completed the review directly in Eramba.

After that it should be done and I should not receive any reminder again. But unfortunately the reminder is still send.

I dont understand why. Because the dynamic status that is supposed to trigger that notification warning is not activated.

please do not use this feature, its simply too complicated and must be removed. we should remove this for once and all. i think is best if we schedule a zoom call to help you out (please write a quick email to so we can coordinate it, we dont know who you are) , we’ll update the post once we complete the call.

Thank you for your answer. After your recommendation I disabled the feature. And we wont use it again. I will try to get the feedback with comments & attachments in eramba. Do we really need a zoom call after I disabled it already?

we should have done some time ago, apologies for the issue. we dont need a zoom call but if you feel you are lost then lets do it so we help you move forward.

For the moment I dont need a call. No apologies needed. At least you were honest and said: “Ok. We´ve done something wrong. Please don´t use this feature.”
I appreciate this. So have a good day and weekend. Thank you :slight_smile: