Question - Providing the ability to use FAIR risk analysis by using PyFAIR

FAIR is an industry standard quantitative risk analysis methodology.

There is an opensource python application created which facilitates this calculation: Welcome to pyfair’s documentation! — pyfair 0.1-alpha.12 documentation

I’d love to see this added into Eramba.


hi walt !

Although the basic taxonomy and methods have been made available for non-commercial use under a creative commons license, FAIR itself is proprietary. Using FAIR to analyze someone else’s risk for commercial gain (e.g. through consulting or as part of a software application) requires a license from RMI.[2]

sounds incompatible to me? i downloaded now the analysis and taxonomy guides from the opengroup and will have a look. to be honest we hear little about fair in the community and is evident to us that most org. struggle even with the most basic forms of risk management in particular as usual, operations.

i think eramba can improve what it has now by a long stretch before getting ourselves into more methods, we’ll keep this in mind.