Question - Public IP


To implement the public IP, even for testing purposes, it is necessary to buy a domain, right?
The ip of my eramba host machine is not functioning as a public IP.

Thank you


No, it is not necessary. Ip is working without problem, even localhost is enough.
Please have a look at our troubleshooting guide: Docker Install | Eramba learning portal

Even if I used the Vmware install?

Yes, even for a vmware install.

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I am still getting this error: Connection is not accessible. If you save this you may cause this application to become broken or unreachable. Error message: cURL Error (60) SSL: certificate subject name ‘localhost’ does not match target host name ‘’
What should I do?

But this is a message from a testing button in settings/public address no?
This setting was not working properly with the docker installation which is why we moved it into .env file.
Not sure now where you are getting this message.

Yes I am getting this message when testing the public ip, that’s right.
So i should ignore this message?

I believe that you should update your docker repo and setup this variable directly in the .env file. Therefore you will not see this setting anymore. But if you stay as it is and everything is working for you without problem, you can ignore it, yes.

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