Question: release availability?

I follow the releases thread in this discussion. There was a post titled
Release 3.23.0
posted on 11th January
but this new release is not showing up in either the updates section of the application nor the releases page of the website Software Releases | Eramba learning portal

I can’t see anything different between previous releases and this release in the discussion post that indicates this release is not yet released.

To be compliant with UK Cyber Essentials I have to install any security updates within 14 days of release. I’m aware that a third of that has already passed.
Is there a reason that the discussion release thread and the website releases list are out of sync?
Is there a date I should check back again for when the update will be available?

Thanks in anticipation


The release 3.23.0 has not yet been published for users. But it will be soon!
You should see the notification in eramba when there is a new update, we are also sending email campaigns with every major release.

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Is there any chance of marking pending releases in some way in the discussion so that its clear they are not yet publicly released so that there is no ambiguity over the release date when starting the count for compliance?

Thanks in anticipation,

Yes sir.

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