Question - Reporting GDPR Summary

I’m documenting GDPR details for various data assets, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to print a report for a particular asset or set of assets so I can share it outside of Eramba.

I need to export or print a report showing all the stages, mitigating controls, and GDPR details.

Filters are limited to 20 fields (not enough for GDPR details across stages).

Is this kind of data output just not possible? or am I missing something obvious?


You can try the Export in PDF for a general view.

There are too many GDPR attributes (in particular since they are per stage) so you will need more than one filter to export data. I typically use:

  • one filter where i show the stages at high level, although for this i prefer the PDF above.

  • One filter per “stage” with their “gdpr” details, for example i select one stage (at “general” tab), then i select risks, controls and policies for that stage and then i select all items under the “Stored” tab. You might need to select also one asset under the “asset” tab.

The 20 limitation should not be an issue with this approach, of course it might be an issue for other filter settings. We can expand that setting too.

The new UX will hopefully bring a unified view, the particular case of GDPR is complicated as there is simply too many attributes to display!

Appreciate the tips. Looking forward to the updated UI!