Question - Requirements and Test Script Documentation?

Hi All!

I’m working on an implementation right now and am running into the need to go through a system validation process - essentially documenting all of the requirements (which I figured I’d heavily borrow from the documentation outline) and then writing up detailed test case scripts to execute as part of the overall system validation to prove the requirements are met.

This would include both security and functional requirements - making sure users can only access what they should and that when you click a button to do “something” that the “something” actually occurs.

Has anyone gone through this process and have anything that can be shared as a starting point?

We have to build a test script as well for a client (probably during this month). But not for all functionalities (that implementation is limited to: business units, business risks & controls).

I have done this task a lot of times in other implementations so I have a good template to use. Maybe we can build something good (and reusable) together.