Question - risk matrix axis orientation

Eramba mixes up the vertical axis and the horizontal axis of my risk matrix and I have no clue how to tell it to exchange them.

Any hints? If I am not making sense to you, I can supply screen shots.


Yes, please send us screenshots to and try to elaborate bit more because it is not quite clear to me what issue you have.

I would like to swap the x axis with the y axis - is this clearer now?

what version are you on?

App version e2.20.6
Db schema version e2.20.6

waiting for the IT guy to update the VM OS so I can update Eramba. Should happen any day now.

oh, that is quite old. Even if there is a problem I can not help with that version. Let’s do the update to version 3 and then, if the problem persists we can continue investigating ok?
But the answer to your question is that there is no setting to swap these axes.

OK; I will get back to you after we get on the latest version but since you said there is no way to swap the axis, based upon what criteria does eramba decide on the x and y axis? Is it simply alphabetical? In that case I can add an “_” to one of the names.