Question - Risk Register Report Export

Greetings, this is my first post/question, and I apologize in advance if it’s been asked before, but a forum search yielded no results. I’m wondering if there is a method to export the asset risk register in a graphical pdf format. The CSV is functional but what I’m looking for is a pdf reproduction of what we see on the screen, complete with Status and Above Appetite colors. Is there a way to do this (without taking snapshots)? If not, is there enough interest from the community to request this as a feature?


Have you tried

  1. creating a section report for the filter you want, or
  2. creating a notification > report > send scheduled filters > send as PDF?

The limitation with exporting to PDF (unless I’ve missed something) is that your filter really needs to look good on an A4 size page in portrait. If you have too many columns it won’t do the export to PDF justice.

right - the feature you need is this:

Thanks - I had tried some elements of report creation but I thought maybe there was a canned report. I’ll work on it more - I appreciate the direction. - Greg

Just an additional comment - this really was user error, where I was over-complicating something simple. When I initially tried to create a filter report, I thought the filter would show in the report editor. Bad error on my part. Thanks again!

half the stuff we do is in one way or another wrong … so the other half of the stuff is trying to fix it…and then we start again !