Question: Scheduled Review in (+ or - X days)

sorry if this seems a basic question, but I am doing it for the first time and I’m afraid I still was not confident that I understood it despite reading the docs and watching the videos…

I am setting up Notifications to warn my team when Policies they are are coming up for review (something I am sure has been done many many thousands of times in Eramba!)

I do not understand this labelling in the drop downs, saying things like ‘Scheduled Review in (-10 days)’ or ‘Scheduled Review in (+20 days)’.

If I had guess, I would guess that ‘minus X days’ is referring to the past, and ‘plus X days’ is referring to the future,
but the example in the video, Esteban shows chosing ‘Scheduled Review in (-10 days)’ to notify people that their review is due in 10 days time… which is the opposite logic.

So does one mean ‘Reviews due in X days time’? (That’s the negative numbers?)
and the other direction means ‘Reviews overdue by X days’? (That’s the positive number).

(I suppose the labels in the drop-down are created by an automatic process that exposes some of the underlying evaluation of the conditional operator?)

-10 days means 10 days before a date (typically a review, etc) … +10 days is 10 days after (say late) the planned review or audit or whatever date it is (depends on the module)

all these things are explained on the trainnigs: Online Trainings

dont miss them!

ps. sorry for the late feedback, holiday time!