Question - Scoring of third party online assessment responses

Hi team,

We’d like to use the Online Assessment feature as part of our procurement process. Currently we issue all tendering suppliers an Excel spreadsheet with info sec questions on it, which they complete.
Then internally we have weighted each question and then score the responses at an individual question/response level which is then aggregated to an overall score based on the weighting.

With some additions the Online Assessment module could be adapted a little bit to also allow scoring of responses we thought, would mean we can move away from Excel! :slight_smile:

I know that you can record “Findings” in the Online Assessment module which is useful for the big ticket items and also we could use the compliance module to add scoring per vendor also I presume, but I feel this wouldn’t be using the system as designed.

I would suggest that scoring is kept simple and is done as a percentage. For weighting I would suggest there are two options; 1. no weighting, all questions are equal (simple) 2. weighting, the creator must then set a percentage each question is worth ensuring the total is 100. The aggregated score is pretty straightforward then.

Also, obviously the weighting and scoring etc would need to be hidden from those filling in the assessments :slight_smile:

Hope this makes sense, I’m sure a lot of folks have similar “office tool based” processes which could be brought into Eramba


if you use dropdowns as answers you have scoring and weighting , have you tried that one?

not entirely like that, please review the online assessmnet video is explained there how the module works in pretty detail…if you notice some explanation is missing let us know!!

thanks for the feedback Stu