Question - Security Services - visibility of custom fields

Hi there,

Is it a bug or is it how its supposed to be?

When I try to add a custom field in a custom tab under: Security Services Catalogue / Customization / “Audit” & “Maintenance”:

The field / tab doesnt appear under creation of a Security Services.

It only works when I add a custom field in a custom tab under: Security Services Catalogue / Customization / “Security Service”

Looking forward to hear from you


Christian Rozet


Custom fields need to be setup for each modal.

So Audit & Maintenance don’t share the same custom field with Security Service, you need to create one for each of the modals.



I tried to visualize this in the pictures. I have already created one for the Audit tab / modal and enabled it. But it doesnt appear in custom tab side … ?


Hi Christian,

The Sec. services has “three” sections (modals as we call them)

  • the security services (when you click on “add”)
  • the audits (which are part of the security services and only shown when you click manage / audits)
  • maintenances (which is more or less the same as audits)

And that is why you have “three” types of:

  • notifications
  • custom fields

when you add an “Audit” , you will see it under the sec. services you choose at the manage / audits section. that one i use it to track the actual time an audit took.

i made this quick video, not sure you have access to see it? (not sure permissions allow you to see it)

when you add an “sec service” custom field, it will go to the actual sec. service … i used this one to write down the template of an email sent every 50 days to the control owner … so remind them of what is their job.

if this is not clear, we can do a zoom call and help you out - send an email to to coordinate some dates that work for both.


Very vey useful video - thank you for the support!


Christian Rozet