Question - send diagnostics leads to certificate error

Some weeks ago I have activated the “help improve Eramba”. However since then the daily and hourly cron failed:
“CRON task “Diagnostics.Diagnostics” failed to process with error: cURL Error (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate”

Since we are using eramba only within our network we only have a self-signed certificate for the web application. Is this certificate being used for the connection to send the diagnostics? Are there other prerequisites?


Yes, it is definitely caused by a self-signed certificate.
Maybe this might help?

Alright thanks, will check with my sys admin.

Could you tell me how the curl command looks like for the diagnostics task?
performing a simple curl on the cli (curl -l is working without certificate error . is it maybe done purely within php?

Can you please download all logs and send it to our support email?
Thank you.

Thanks, I will do so.