Question - Sending notification emails does not work (Closed)


I have configured SMTP to send out emails from Eramba. It worked in the beggininng but now it has stopped functioning. The SMTP account configured is Gmail. When logging into the account I can see that the last email sent through Eramba was at 19th of April. No changes has been made to our email settings nor in Eramba in the meanwhile. When i click “Test connection” it says success, email sent but in fact it is not. What can be the root cause for this issue?

Have you checked if the hourly cron is running well? The hourly cron “flushes” emails from the mail queue (System / Settings / Email Queues) every time it runs (it flushes up to 15 emails i think per run). You can check if crons are running at System / Settings / Cron (check the “hourly” entry, there should be a row every how).

That should be a good start to debug the issue, let us know!

Kristian, how is your SMTP configured? See

If you are using G Suite and your Eramba server is on a static IP, I recommend using G Suite SMTP relay.

Thank you both for the quick replies. So right now i checked my Email Queue which is empty. I also checked the System Health page -> Everything is OK. Right now my SMTP is configured as it is in the support article column: “Gmail SMTP server”.

Have you looked at the attached article from Google about allowing insecure Apps. I know when I was previously testing I had to enable this setting. Also do you have two step verification on the account that you are trying to send the mail from if so you will need to create an app password to allow Eramba to authenticate to the server (Less Secure) (App Password)

Yep, Insecure Apps is allowed, which is weird is that it was working but out of the blue it just stopped. When i try to “Test Connection” it says that it has sent the email successfully however that is not the case.

Just to follow up on this it still does not work. We have checked everything in Eramba and in Google but they emails do not seem to be reaching gmail.

Have you guys dropped an email to I’m sure the guys would be happy to set up a call to go through it and help

Hi @jesse.wojtkowiak @kristian.kivimagi - i saw the support case, we’ll get in touch today with some debug questions !

In the end it was a Google Mail setting.