Question - Something I learnt today about CSV imports

I was trying out CSV template imports today for the first time, and I was very confused that I seemed to be getting errors in the import.
(I’d only put one row in to begin with, just to try things out).

After few hours it dawned on me: the error message was not about my single test row,
it was because I had not deleted the template header row (the help text) ahahahahahah :slight_smile:
So the error message was just about that.

Felt a bit silly then :slight_smile:

ya’ know you can keep the header row in the import CSV? Eramba won’t import that row, but will still import the other rows without any errors.

heh, yes, I stumbled across that too :slight_smile: - I tried importing anyway, despite the error message, and the import worked… that was when it dawn on me that the error was just about the header row!

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