Question - Stuck in Debug Mode

I tried to fix the dashboard not loading by opening the debug mode to see what’s wrong.

However, now I have a constant extra line at the top of my page saying:
“Warning (2) : Undefined array key “className” [in /var/www/eramba/app/upgrade/src/Core/functions.php, line 86]”

I cannot disable debug mode. If I press the setting, it opens for 1s before closing itself and I get this red modal:

Some error occurred while loading data from the server”

It also happens when I press any other buttons like the debug mode (such as system health) or if I try to open any section that tries to load data (such as asset risk management)

App Version


DB Schema Version


It is a fresh install that was working fine except the dashboard didn’t load for some reason. System health is 100% okay, and there are no cron failures.


Log into eramba container with

docker exec -it eramba bash

and then navigate into

cd /var/www/eramba/app/upgrade

and run

bin/cake settings set DEBUG 0