Question - System health errors

Each time I log in to Eramba, I get the following notice:
Which indicates to me my system health needs attention. When I check Settings|System Health, I have the following:

Which would indicate there are no issues. I scroll down, and find this:

How do I go about suppressing the warning so that the alert is actually telling me if there is a problem?

Hello Derek,

As we discussed in emails already, there is nothing you can do about it. These tables holds data for reporting over time and there are limits when these data are rotated. The question is if you do not have too many audits created. Are you testing your controls that often? How many audits do you have?
But maybe we can try not to show a red warning when logging in if there are only warnings on system health.

Int. ref.:

We have 42 in production, about half run monthly, a quarter are quarterly, the rest are semi-annual/annual.

Goals, Internal controls and BU plans have audits, together you have only 42 items? Maybe there are some in the trash as well?