Question - Tableau and Eramba integration


My team wanted to know if there is an ability for Ermaba to integrate with Tableau for automation syncing, currently, we are exporting our Asset identification data from Eramba into Tableau by exporting from eramba as .csv and than upload into the Tableau once a week. Is there an ability to do this automated?



eramba has api’s and webhooks that can be used to code any integration, we do not offer them. the idea of syncing assets is one to take carefully for two reasons:

  • duplicating databases make little sense
  • assets in eramba are used only for risk management, an asset then links to:
    • 1 risk
    • in avg 2 items more as mitigation, a control/project/exception mix

that means in yearly review times assuming 1 hr review for each item (rather little) 4hs / year review (bare minimum). if you have 100 assets you are then talking about 100x4 = 400 hs / year on reviews … 57 working days, is that 3 months of a single FTE?

also considering that syncing implies deletion and insertion and edition … if any of these actions implies a review you can do the math…

so … the usual advice we have been giving for a decade now: carefully measure what your team fte can handle a year and based on that plan what you can achieve … !!!

good luck