Question - Tags i Eramba (Security Policies)

We are currently working on cleaning up our Eramba and in that process we have been looking into deleting certain “Tags” from our Security Policies. However, after looking around on Eramba’s settings, and even the forums, we have not been able to find the option and figure out how to delete the “Tags” from the system.

We hope that you will be able to help us overcome this issue.

Can you explain bit more?
You are not able to edit security policy?
here you simply x items which you want to delete or you can use bulk action and clear tag field.

I cannot initialize the existing list of created Tags.

Is there a method of doing this?

Ah, You want to see a list of all tags right? Well, this is not possible.

I want to see a list of all tags, yes AND edit them (because some of them are old, some of them I will edit to another “buzz” word. Next to this they are filling up space in the drop-down list) - when tags are to be added.

Is this possible? How about deleting them from the DB?

I will sent you an email from