Question: the way Eramba appends the string '(User)' to everyone's name

I don’t know if this is just a quirk of the way my sys admin set up our users on Eramba, but on our installation, any time a user’s name appears in the Eramba GUI, it is displayed in the form ‘John Smith (User)’.

I just wondered if there’s a way to make it stop that, and just say ‘John Smith’. As is the string ‘(User)’ does not serve much purpose.

The dropdown lists users and groups, if you are searching for groups alone you can write “groups” and you will see them all listed. You can do the same with “User”.

OK I see,
So if I had a group that was the same as some individual’s name, this would tell them apart?

To me, that’s not all that useful…
And in the Controls and Security Policies modules, when it lists the owners for things, it looks a bit odd to me when it say ‘(User)’ after everbody’s name,
Also when people are referenced in notification emails (using a macro to render their name)…

…I’m not saying it’s a big problem or anything :slight_smile: but is just something that makes the UX seem a bit strange.