Question - Typo in the data I imported for policies

Question: If I delete and reimport my policies will the links to the risks etc I imported afterwards be maintained?

My policy doc contents are in an external document management system and I’ve imported with with a typo in the URL.

There are only 30 docs but I can’t edit the URL in the policy records

One option is to delete and reimport the docs with the corrected import template file but I’m not sure if that will break the link to the other elements I imported afterwards.

I’m happy to update directly in the DB if that’s a possibility as its a simple spelling change to an existing record. Its a docker install and I don’t know how to get to a mysql prompt.

Any suggestions welcome.

A re-import will just add new records and not update new ones, so the linkages will certainly get broken.

Though, if you’ve been bulk importing everything, it basically means nuke it all and reimport everything (which I’ve certainly done a few times over the years).