Question - Unable to edit policy URL

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Policy URLs don’t appear to be editable
I have polices listed in our eramba instance as URLs but our Policies management software is changing server so all the policy URLs will change. If I create a new policy to replace the existing one then all the links to that policy from other elements in the system will be lost…

What the best way to get round this? Happy to do a regexp_replace in the DB as this is most likely to be a one off

Also can the URL be a file path like a UNC path eg \fileserver\sharename\folder\subfolder\policyname.pdf
I did try but its checking for URL formatting and says my unc path is invalid.
Can another ‘type’ be added for UNC path?
At the moment I’m having to choose “Document content” as “Use content” and put the UNC path in the content field

For Policy URLs, they get edited through the review process. Create a new review, date it, and add the new URL/version. Whatever date that new approval is effective it should publish it to the policy portal at that time (and update the policy revision).

I say this as… you can set the review to today and it changes today, or you can set it to 1/1 and it’ll change it 1/1 for you.

Haven’t tried the UNC path, but my guess is that it’ll get kicked back for not adhering to the URL format before saving…

You’re right about UNC paths failing. I’ll use the UNC path in the content workaround.

My issue was that the policies themselves are not changing just the server name they are hosted on. I don’t want to have to review every policy just to put a new path in, especially when the policy won’t actually be reviewed at this point…

Well, you’re still updating something, so that change record is being captured. You can document that in the notes of the “review”, and then leave the next review date to whenever your next actual review is supposed to be…