Question - Understanding policy versioning

Hi there,

today I noticed that the content of a policy which definitely had content “had disappeared”. It might be that it disappeared during our upgrade from community to enterprise or it might have been an user error.

Please have a look at the screenshots, maybe someoen can help figure this out.

Here you can see the changelog of each review, I know for a fact these changes to the content were done and yet no content is shown.

Now here it gets confusing. I have 2 planned reviews with the same date, one current, one expired. Also only 1 review shows “Document content type” as “content”

If I click on “content” I get to see version 1.1 WITH content. I assume the person whoc completed the 1.2 review somehow managed to save an empty version.

Can someone please give me some pointers on how exactly to restore the last version of this policy WITH content?

I can see that each review has versioning but none of the reviews show any changes where the actual content of the policy was changed so which one do I restore? And what do I do if I restore the wrong one? Can I revert that restore?

Since this was a community migration perhaps there is something related to that, is best to setup a call with until we find the issue. We can update this post late ron.

I have contacted support.

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Sorted. Information about versioned content was not visible as those changes had been done before migrating from community to enterprise.

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I need to re-open this issue as I have found another policy without current content.

I have personally made the last 2 reviews and I have definitely not deleted the content when I did that. There must be a problem here, maybe someone from support could have another look?


What we done on the last call was that we just copy content from review to policy, this way when you create new review or review is automatically created, it has same content. But, we were assuming that content of policy was lost during migration from community to enterprise. So if needed we can again setup a call and do the same thing. Or this was done already on enterprise and I should try to reproduce this behaviour?

ah, sorry for the misudnerstanding. I can get content out of the DB on my own, no problem there, it was just not clear to me that you assumed it happened during the migration.

This is an important fact as I still have backups and could spin up a clone from the backup and compare and get missing content.

I mean in the last example, there are 2 versions with missing content, I have no idea how much changes where in that content.

It would be great if you can compare with community version, let us know the result.

Is there a “trick” to quickly comparing? Unfortunately we only notice missing content when checking the review of a particular policy.

could you maybe have a look if one of your devs could figure out a script to check the DB for all policies or controls with content type “content” where the latest version does not have content?

I’ll also ask in-house as that would be the easiest way.

Well, I restored the last snapshot of v1-community to a new VM, looked at the missing policy and the latest review has content. See screenshot. This is very unsatisfactory. How can I trust the migration process if I have already found 2 policies where the content was lost?

I mean in the 2 cases we have found so far, the altest review had no content so we figured out something was wrong but what if there was content jsut not the newest, we’d never notice until ti was too late.

Luckily we now have both versions running in parallel so we can quickly go get the old content if we find anythign else missing.

the “content” type of policies was not used by anyone and the migration could have issues, we knew this could be the case as its experimental and not used by anyone and you were told this well in advance:

please follow this with support to see how we can help


True, you did warn me.

Also true is that it sucks as it did not succeed or fail, its somewhere in-between and needs manual checking. Don’t get me wrong, this sucks but we are still happy with the upgrade :slight_smile:

Another true statement is that its “workable” so we are going to assume that when I see content in the new enterprise version it is the latest and only go dig into the old community clone I still have running when content is missing.

So no further intervention needed, I just wanted to post the latest findings.

If you would like to take a look at the old and the new versions for your own info feel free to get in touch, but we don’t need any further action.

sure we understand is not fun … sam has written you over zendesk already to review it together

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