Question - Upgrading to containerised version

Hi !

I am currently looking to upgrade our instance from the original install which in the standard LAMP server with the Mysql sitting on a seperate box instead.

current version:

App Version


DB Schema Version


I have a few questions about the docker config and migration in general.

  1. From looking at the datastor and db is it easier to do an import/export to a clean system rather than upgrade the existing one ? Im leaning in this direction but wanted to clarify.

  2. Are there config options on the container for SMTP creds or is that now done via the UI post install ?

  3. I can see that 8443 is exposed in your default container which will do autossl if no key is provided, is there an option to use only, The system Iā€™m running on has a loadbalancer infront of it which is doing ssl termination. This is no big deal if not, I can always just do end to end ssl if needed.

  4. If I were to migrate instead of import/export do I need to preserve the security salt ? If so is there a docker var or should I mount the app_local file and edit from there ?

  5. Is theres any upgrade documentation I may have missed ?


The first thing would be to do the update to the latest version (currently 3.18.1), we are not able to provide you older version of docker and you can do the migration only from same app and db version.

  1. Yes, you will simply download the database and files backup and load them into new instance via UI (settings/backup and restore)
  2. SMTP is configured via UI (settings/mail configuration). There is no change between on-premise and dockerised version.
  3. Yes, you can configure any port you want.
  4. New instance will have new security salt.
  5. Docker Install | Eramba learning portal
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Thanks for the speedy reply.

Is there any official docs on how to patch / upgrade minor versions ? Ive been searching and cannot find it.

edit: Nevermind found it all in the product under settings > updates. Good to go.