Question - Version mismatch when db import

When i am upgrading to version 3.18
i could not get my old db
i was working on version 3.17


Sorry I really don’t understand what the problem is.

I was working on ver. 3.17
I backed up my database
I upgraded to ver. 3.18

when i tried to restore my olddb i have had : version mismatching

msg : Database schema version mismatch

Yes, you can update backup only from the same version.

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You need to ensure that the app version and DB version are the same before restoring - this also clear if you read documentation (also applicable for migration)

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thanks a lot

documentation: Docker Install | Eramba learning portal

You can restore backups (import) on a newly installed system (that does not have any data) so as long the application versions of both system match.

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