Question - Virtual Machine CRON Error

This is a community edition install using the eramba VM. 3.18.1, I am trying to upgrade but there is a system cron error. - “Worker” = “not ok” all others are status “ok”

I looked in the cron history and there is no history all items = 0

I looked through the troubleshooting section and I don’t see that has anything on troubleshooting the VM.

I do see the VM version here creates 4 docker containers one being called cron. All the containers are running . I checked the docker logs for the cron container but it is empty.

Any ideas on troubleshooting this VM with the containers would be appreciated…

Most often the problem was missing public address setting.
Check settings/public address. We moved this setting to .env file (not sure in which version).
You can also go into eramba container and try to run it manually and see what error it gives you.
su -s /bin/bash -c "/var/www/eramba/app/upgrade/bin/cake queue run -v" www-data

Thank you for the direction, that public address was not set…

Also run manually without error, now upgraded to 3.21.1 successfully

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